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Since 2002, our 400 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry has saved hundreds of companies worldwide thousands of dollars annually to their bottom line; all this while improving network design and bandwidth for voice,data and wireless services.

By partnering with the nation’s top telecom carriers, equipment suppliers, and service providers, we eliminate the time-consuming search for telecommunications information.  Top Speed Data acts as your advocate to all of the major carrier and service providers throughout the design, implementation and billing process.   We make sure that you have a cost-effective solution to meet your unique business needs.

And because we do such a great job, many of the industry’s most coveted awards recognizing service and performance excellence are consistently awarded to Top Speed Data Communications.

“Our job is to free you from the painstaking details of organizing the technology bandwidth and network sides of your business by finding you the services and carriers best suited to your business needs,” said Anthy O’Brien, president of Top Speed Data. “We make it easy to understand system networks and integration, through the design and implementation process and provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique operations environment.”

We perform a complete network assessment and bill review. We listen to your requirements, bid out services to all major carriers and provide one complete proposal for all providers. We specialize in reducing costs, increasing network performance and providing overall telecom project management.

Since telecommunications is our core business, we know the ins and outs of each carrier’s footprint, breadth of services, reliability and overall performance. If that’s not compelling enough to make the call to Top Speed Data Communications, how about the fact that if you allow us to place your orders - you don’t pay anything for our services. What’s keeping you from making the call? 


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Our team of talented and experienced technology professionals stay abreast of the latest products and services for over 35 carriers partners, so when you partner with us, you have the benefit of working with a knowledgeable consultant who can recommend what is best for your company’s technology needs. We work diligently to serve our clients by acting as an advocate to our carrier partners from design and management to implementation of your telecommunications network.” Anthy O’Brien, President & CEO

Have you ever wondered why you are doing what you are doing?  You are giving the best years of your life - and the best hours of your day to your job.  Maybe it is time to ask "Why?"

  •   Do you respect who you work for?
  •   Do you have an upward career path?
  •   Can you set your own hours?
  •   Do you have unlimited income?
  •   Do you have unselfish mentors that truly care about your success?
  •   Can you earn equity in your company?
  •   Does your company have a clear path and history of making reps successful?
  •   Is your company truly respected by the industry?
  •   Is your industry rapidly evolving with new and excited products or services being announced each day?
  •   Do you have a unique value proposition that is of interest to customers?
  •   Is your company culture to do the right thing for the client at all times?
  •   Are you getting paid what you are worth?
  •   Are you having fun?
  •   Do you look forward to Monday morning?

  If you answered "no" to just one of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to become a "Top Speeder."  Contact me for more information on how to join our fast growing team of talent.  Contact us today!

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