Internet Services

There are many options for Internet access and the choices in speed and carriers vary greatly. The Top Speed Data team is expert in finding the right solution for you. because we know the right questions to ask. We do the shopping. We handle the negotiation. We get the best solution for your business, all at no cost to you.

Internet bandwidth needs vary greatly from company to company. Many companies get by with DSL service while others need OC3 and more. Which Internet service is best for you?


A partial list of Internet options includes Cellular, Wireless, DSL, T-1 service, Dedicated, Ethernet service and the OCx services. Each service has different levels of pricing and reliability.


Most cellular services provide access to the Internet through “data cards,” wireless routers, USB ports or other devices that make for easy access to the Internet. The speeds and coverage of these services vary greatly between carriers. Top Speed Data can help you select the right service for your business.


Many people think of 802.11 as access through cafes or other public access areas. However, most businesses that have wireless Internet access are using one of three or four options that ensure security and speed, depending on the carrier. One of the limitations of wireless service, in general, is location. Wireless Internet access service is not widely available in all geographic areas and is most available in major metropolitan areas. The advantages of these services are (1) speed to deploy and (2) not having to worry about cable cuts.

Businesses like wireless Internet access because it can be turned up in a few days and the bandwidth changes can occur in a few minutes of an order. This service creates great flexibility. Businesses also use wireless Internet access as a back-up to their primary “wired” Internet solution. Let Top Speed Data evaluate if this service is available for your business.


For many small businesses, this service is right for them. The low cost and limited bandwidth are all that is needed. There are several providers of DSL Internet service. The price and service levels vary greatly. Speeds and Static vs. Dynamic IP addressing also is something to consider. Top Speed Data represents all major DSL provides. We will recommend which service is best for your budget and geographic area. Let us advise you on DSL service.


Why do businesses pay more for these types of services? For two reasons: reliability and speed. T-1 and dedicated Internet Access services are what you call “symmetrical,” meaning that you receive the same speed both “up and down.” This is important for businesses that are sending a lot of information out or connecting to other sites using VPN services.

Reliability is also important to businesses, and with an average of 4 hours or less repair time, businesses that rely on the Internet are willing to pay the additional costs for the dedicated access vs. DSL service. Many carriers offer these services with big variations in pricing. Top Speed Data will give you options, making sure your choice balances price, speed, and carrier and that the solution matches your business need.


For companies looking for higher bandwidth starting in the 5 to 10 mbps range, Ethernet access might be the right choice for your business. With Ethernet, you simplify the hand-off with a 10/100 Ethernet connection. This also allows you to easily add more bandwidth, in most cases, without any change in your physical equipment. This means the Internet bandwidth can grow as your business needs grow. While this service is more limited in availability than the other services, more and more carriers offer this service. If you are a growing business that needs bandwidth that can grow with you, call Top Speed Data to schedule an appointment to discuss this service.


For those businesses that need very large Internet bandwidth, Fiber, OCx services could be right for you; many of the OCx services start in the 155 mbps range and up. Like Ethernet service, this service can easily grow with you. Is it right for you? Call Top Speed data and ask.


Today there are many options for Internet access. The choices in speed and carriers vary greatly. Top Speed Data are experts in finding the right solution for you. We ask the right questions. We do the shopping. We handle the negotiation. We get the best solution for your business at no cost to you. What have you got to lose?