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Jessie Farmiloe
(707) 301-3985

Jessie joined the Top Speed Data sales agent team in November 2016.  She has quickly ramped up with technology training, and has become a Certified Telecom Professional by passing this industry course.   Prior to joining our team, she was a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in strength training and wellness.  After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from North Dakota State University, she became a professional softball player in Europe.  She helped coach the Swiss national softball team for the Olympics.

As a Certified Personal Trainer her job was to listen to her clients, identify their pain points and goals, and structure custom solutions to help them achieve their goals.  She does the exact same thing for her clients.  She is qualified to conduct Network Assessments, identify a company’s pain points, and connect them with the right carriers to offer her clients solutions that will help their grow their business and give them a competitive advantage.  The very same attributes that allowed her to compete on a worldwide professional softball platform are what makes her so effective for her clients.