Entrusting another company to manage your confidential and critical information is something to take very seriously. Whether you’re considering outsourcing services such as Data Storage, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Managed Remote Access, Managed Messaging, Anti-Virus and Spam or Cloud Services, you must commit an inordinate amount of time for due diligence – or do you? Partnering with Top Speed Data Communications gives you the ability to meet with experts who can recommend the best plan for your specific needs. We have relationships with technology partners, who, like Top Speed Data Communications, are specialists in their particular field. Make Top Speed Data Communications the priority on your due diligence list, and you will save yourself a considerable amount of time.


No one wants to spend too much time thinking about disasters, but the truth is if you don’t reflect on your ability to restore services to your employees, customers, vendors and suppliers promptly, it can bring your company to a screeching halt. We most often equate a disaster to a fire, earthquake or other weather-related events, but recent studies show that most disruptions are caused by power failure, followed by hardware and network failure. Together these three events account for 80% of IT related disturbances. So now what do you do? Several key actions are critical and must be monitored on a consistent basis. Also, every department that provides essential services for your company must be part of the discussion in order of your plan to be successful – not just the IT team.

After you have all the key personnel in the same room, the planning can begin.



  1. Backup your data
  2. Create a solid plan for how you will restore business
  3. Once you have a solid plan, test it often
  4. Regularly schedule a plan review – it is not enough to say you have a plan in place
  5. Call Top Speed Data Communication to schedule an appointment with a technology expert