An Angel in the Firestorm


An Angel in the Firestorm

My wife and I were abruptly woken up at 1:20 AM on Monday, October 9th by a lady driving down the street screaming and honking “Get Out Now!! There is a fire behind your house.” That lady is our angel – she literally saved our lives, as well as the lives of our neighbors.  She wasn’t even from our neighborhood.  We didn’t know her. But her consistent honking and screaming woke up our entire neighborhood.  Her house was burning nearby, but she took her time to drive up and down the streets repeatedly.

We returned the next morning to find that literally everything we owned, and the entire neighborhood was destroyed by the fire.  In fact, most of Santa Rosa as I knew it had been destroyed.  After the first few days of outrunning the still burning fires and dense smoke, we found temporary housing.  Then we posted on Facebook to see if we were connected to anyone that knew her name.  Eventually we were able to find her name and we gave her a call the following week.

We told her our story.  We thanked her for saving our life.  There were many tears shed on that 30 minute phone call.She told us that even though she knew her house was gone, she felt that she owed it to our neighborhood to let people know.  She had only lived in Santa Rosa a short while, but she said that she has never felt a stronger sense of community.   Her exact words were “This community has been so great that I felt obligated to do it.  It was my duty….actually my privilege.”

What is your duty?

This lady did not have a duty to drive up and down our streets, but she knew the need.  It was her privilege to go beyond just taking care of herself.

Business application:  

Sometimes we get so busy at work, that we just put our head down and rapidly go through our “to do” list.   And then “IT” happens…. The phone rings and it is a customer with a problem. Customers are people. They are not interruptions.  They are people with real needs and requests.  If you cash a paycheck, it is because your company has customers.  It is a privilege to have a customer call with a request.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could take just a moment longer and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes?  I bet we would spend less time reading the policy manual to find reasons why we “can’t,” do something – and we would take a little more time and try to figure out how to make it happen.

When a customer calls with a problem, it may be your duty (job description) to take of them.  But it also may be your privilege!

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