Why Are You Working?

Have you ever wondered why you are doing what you are doing?  You are giving the best years of your life - and the best hours of your day to your job.  Maybe it is time to ask "Why?"

  •   Do you respect who you work for?
  •   Do you have an upward career path?
  •   Can you set your own hours?
  •   Do you have unlimited income?
  •   Do you have unselfish mentors that truly care about your success?
  •   Can you earn equity in your company?
  •   Does your company have a clear path and history of making reps successful?
  •   Is your company truly respected by the industry?
  •   Is your industry rapidly evolving with new and excited products or services being announced each day?
  •   Do you have a unique value proposition that is of interest to customers?
  •   Is your company culture to do the right thing for the client at all times?
  •   Are you getting paid what you are worth?
  •   Are you having fun?
  •   Do you look forward to Monday morning?

You may think I am crazy, but if you answered "no" to just one of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to become a "Top Speeder."  Contact me for more information on how to join our fast growing team of talent.  Write me at Steve@TopSpeedData.com.