Financial Results- the ONLY thing that matters...

Financial Results – the ONLY thing that matters…

4 out of 5 times we conduct a complimentary voice/internet network assessment, we either save the client money, make them money, or keep them out of jail. We can prove it. The best part? You never pay us a dime. We are a service provided and paid for by the telecom carriers. Why? Because quite frankly, telecom carriers are a little difficult to do business with.

As an example, recently we conducted a network assessment for a multi-location health care facility. We uncovered mistakes, renegotiated contracts, and proposed better services. We were able to help them lower their monthly bill from $47,000 to $25,000, and receive increased bandwidth.

Let me know if you would like me to see if you qualify to receive a complimentary network assessment. We do all the work and you receive the financial benefits.

Steve Farmiloe
General Manager