Creating the Perfect Wine Grape

Creating the Perfect Wine Grape…

What does telecommunications have to do with creating the perfect wine grape? Everything….

With the developments in technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) can do more than you can imagine.  I was recently talking to one of our carrier partners that just signed a contract to use IoT at a local winery. 

I’m not a wine expert by any means. I most certainly do my part to enjoy the fine wines produced locally, but smarter minds than mine know how to blend the variables of weather conditions, water usage, humidity, temperature control, drainage, soil type, and nutrients to create the perfect wine grape. The carrier we represent engaged in a conversation with the winery about their desired business outcomes. They weren’t trying to “sell” the winery the IoT devices. Rather, they found out what the winery was trying to achieve in the creation of the perfect wine grape – and what it meant financially to the winery. Then, they brought their technology to the table to help the winery achieve their desired result.

They realized that IoT devices can be placed in the soil to monitor water usage, drainage, humidity, temperature, and more. The management of the information being received by the devices is what was being offered. With that information, certain growth functions could be automated. The financial benefit of creating the perfect grape could be easily calculated. The carrier is now offering that guaranteed performance - Outcome as a Service (OaaS). In fact, they even wrote their ability to perform and deliver measurable financial results into the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the winery.

The beauty of this story is how smart people at the winery agreed to sit down with smart people in the technology industry to see how they can make improvements instead of just doing it the way it’s always been done.

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