Worst Words to Hear


What are the worst words you can hear in business?

Let’s face it, ALL of us are in sales.  Everyone….no matter what your position is at any company.  Maybe not in the traditional realm, but everyone is selling something.  Surely, the person that leaves the office or their home each day with samples and an order pad is in sales.  But even if you have a job filing paperwork or answering the phones, you have to sell yourself every day.  You have to convince your customer, boss, and colleagues that you are adding value to the company by keeping up on your workload and by being a good team player consistent with the corporate culture.

Additionally, everyone is on commission. Don’t kid yourself if you have a salary. If your company doesn’t make money, or if your company’s efforts don’t produce enough cash flow, you will be gone. This is even true for the non-profit industries.

“Nothing happens until something is sold.”

Since sales are the lifeblood of any organization, what are the worst words to hear in the sales?

Here they are….

“I didn’t know you sold that!”

Your customers know that you sell (insert your main product), but whose fault is it if they go to your competitor to buy other things that your company offers? It’s your fault!

It is your responsibility to let people/organizations know what you can do for them. If you truly have a competitive advantage over your competition, then let it be known. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, then get out of the way and let those that do have that market share.

If you believe in what you offer, and if you believe that your competitive advantage benefits the buyer, then don’t be satisfied with part time customers. I’ve heard sales people say “I don’t want to rock the boat,” or “I don’t want to be too aggressive.” That’s nonsense. By letting your customer purchase from a competitor that provides less value or a higher price, you are doing your customer a disservice.  

It all boils down to your own belief in your individual and company value proposition.