White Glove Service: The Momentum Difference in UCaaS

"WHITE-GLOVE" can be defined as “marked by special care or attention.” Companies often throw this term around but rarely take the time to explain what it actually means for their customers or their businesses. They do this to get the benefits of putting a buzz-word in their marketing materials and in their sales pitches, but carefully omit how it affects you the customer. This leaves many companies wondering if their potential communications provider is going to meet the standard of true white-glove service or if a provider’s claims are nothing more than lip-service.

The process of converting from a premises based PBX to the cloud is not your company’s core competency. Customers sometimes hire an outsources services organization and pay over 10% of the total project cost just to have someone help them. Many UCaaS providers try to make it easy, but Momentum offers true “White-glove” treatment from the beginning to end.

Momentum Telecom has the industry’s best customer experience and the lowest churn rate because at the core of everything they do is a firm white-glove approach. This stems from their commitment to enabling others to thrive, and this design helps them deliver meaningful value through every step of the customer journey. They are the experts on white-glove service.

White-glove includes everything: engagement, data collection, system design, order process, numbers ported, implementation, training, support, and resources. They are in it with you at every step of the way!!!

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In its projections for cloud services, Gartner predicts markets for Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are all set to grow between 20% and 40% as enterprises seek to cut data center costs and deploy systems and databases over more cost-effective networks.

Despite these growing adoption rates, many companies still aren’t ready to make a full-scale move to cloud-based technologies. If you are among those who want to take a measured approach to cloud adoption, look no further than your phone system as a great place to start. By working with a communications provider who offers both cloud and on-site phone systems, you’ll not only get expert guidance, but also the flexibility to customize a migration path that fits your business.

Below are four reasons starting your journey to the cloud via your business communications needs makes sense:

• Manage Deployments in Small Groups - For many businesses, the phone system is the ideal service to serve as a catalyst in your transition to the cloud. Since it can be deployed in a phased approach, you can learn by transitioning small groups, teams or locations one at a time with little overall risk. Plus, you can also lean on the expertise of your service provider because most cloud vendors have helped countless other companies through similar transitions.

• Flexibility to Subscribe to the Features Right for You - With cloud services, you have the ability to mix and match user profiles and subscribe to the specific features you want. This means you never waste money paying for features you don’t use or feel stuck in your purchase. Your cloud communications solution will evolve along with your business, providing you with the flexibility to grow and evolve on your own terms.

• Smarter Use of Internal Resources - A system provider with cloud expertise can help you make better use of your internal IT resources. With a cloud deployment, applications are hosted remotely and maintained by the provider, relieving IT of most or all network-related tasks. The business then consumes the services on a subscription basis rather than owning the infrastructure. In this model, the cloud provider manages the extra workload while allowing your IT team to focus on the initiatives that drive revenue for your business.

• Gain the Buy-In You Need to Move Forward With Other Cloud-Based Solutions - For any deployment to be successful, it must have buy-in from users. By focusing on your phone system early in your migration, you can introduce employees to the cloud’s many time-saving, productivity-enhancing benefits. As their comfort grows, your ability to transition other systems and processes to the cloud will become easier. A provider with a reputation for excellent customer service and training options will help you quickly get buy-in from your employees.

For many of today’s businesses, a move to the cloud is just a matter of time. Choosing a phased approach with an early focus on your phone system is a smart choice, and tapping the expertise of a cloud phone service provider can make it an even smarter one.

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Why MiCloud Connect?


The Perfect Marriage of Simplicity & Ease

MiCloud Connect is easy to implement, use, manage and evolve. By combining an intuitive user experience with a robust mansgement portal and flexibile service plans, MiCloud Connect makes every aspect of cloud communications and collaboration simple.

What Makes MiCloud Connect Simple?

Plug-&-Play Provisioning & Activation

MiCloud Connect makes business communications easy to deploy with plug-and-play functionality. Our phones are easy to provision and the self-service admin portal makes user management hassle-free.

Intuitive User Experience

MiCloud Connect's modern, intuitive interface delivers a seamless user experience across devices and endpoints. By streamlining the user experience, users will benefit from cross-launching capabilities, consolidated views and single-click functionality so they don't have to waste time figuring out how to make the software work.

Robust Management Portal, Simple Pricing

The MiCloud Connect Portal offers admins a web-based portal to manage users, permissions, billing and insights. On top of that, our consolidated pricing with minimal add-ons eliminates surprises and the need for multiple bills.

Ability to Evolve

What you buy today isn't what you're stuck with tomrrow. MiCloud Connect's flexible sersvice plans ensure you are never overpaying for features you dont use and gives you the power to add functionality and upgrade permissions as business needs change.