Another UCaaS Provider? No Way!

Is Voyant yet another supplier entering the very crowded UCaaS field?

That is what I thought before I met with them. Man, was I wrong!!!


Since 2007, Voyant has been delivering business communication services to over 20,000 customers including SIP Trunking, UCaaS and Fax services. Their redundant, reliable and secure cloud network infrastructure includes:

• Facilities-based, nationwide Tier 1 network • Geo-redundancy with 30 POPs nationwide • Over 10,000on-net rate centers covering nearly 90% of the U.S. population when combined with off-net rate centers • 90%+ of calls delivered on-net resulting in higher quality calls • More than 25 billion minutes of use processed per month • 99.999% Service Level Agreement • Self-service portals and APIs • Affordable services • Expert 24x7x365 support

Voyant delivers simple and smart communication services enabling your business to communicate and collaborate with customers whenever, wherever and however you want.

White Glove Service: The Momentum Difference in UCaaS

"WHITE-GLOVE" can be defined as “marked by special care or attention.” Companies often throw this term around but rarely take the time to explain what it actually means for their customers or their businesses. They do this to get the benefits of putting a buzz-word in their marketing materials and in their sales pitches, but carefully omit how it affects you the customer. This leaves many companies wondering if their potential communications provider is going to meet the standard of true white-glove service or if a provider’s claims are nothing more than lip-service.

The process of converting from a premises based PBX to the cloud is not your company’s core competency. Customers sometimes hire an outsources services organization and pay over 10% of the total project cost just to have someone help them. Many UCaaS providers try to make it easy, but Momentum offers true “White-glove” treatment from the beginning to end.

Momentum Telecom has the industry’s best customer experience and the lowest churn rate because at the core of everything they do is a firm white-glove approach. This stems from their commitment to enabling others to thrive, and this design helps them deliver meaningful value through every step of the customer journey. They are the experts on white-glove service.

White-glove includes everything: engagement, data collection, system design, order process, numbers ported, implementation, training, support, and resources. They are in it with you at every step of the way!!!

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