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SIP Trunking is a signaling protocol used to create, manage, and terminate sessions in an Internet Protocol (IP) based network.

VoIP also known as IP telephone or Internet telephony is the process of making phone calls using a broadband internet connection instead of phone lines.

MPLS is technology designed to set and manage labels in packets that indicate destination and prioritization, allowing more.

What is the Cloud? With the accumulation of data, IT professionals are increasingly faced with the challenge ofmanaging their existing and future storage capabilities.

Wireless voice and data expenses are the fastest growing area of a company’s telecom expense. Many experts predict that within two years wireless voice and data will account for over 35% of a company’s total telecom spend.

Entrusting another company to manage your confidential and critical information is something to take very seriously. Data storage, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Managed Remote Access, Managed Messaging, Anti-Virus, Spam, or Cloud Services are very important aspects of your business.


There are many options for Internet access. A partial list includes: Cellular, Wireless, DSL, T-1 service, and Dedicated.

As today’s businesses become more mobile and the time to “turn on” Internet service from the carriers become longer, wireless routers are becoming essential to businesses.

Voice and data services have been changing quickly in the last few years. Both services now have more options than ever before.


Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software and managed services coupled with procurement/ordering modules can save you on wireline and wireless investments.

It seems as if there are daily reminders in the media about why network security should be among the top initiatives your company manages.


The ability to track employees with GPS can save companies thousands of dollars each year. Increasing a mobile worker’s productivity can have a huge positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

While there are many ways to conduct conference calls, using a conferencing service is generally the most beneficial. The services generally provide a toll free 800 number for ease of use.

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