Wireless voice and data expenses are the fastest growing area of a company’s telecom expense. Many experts predict that within two years wireless voice and data will account for over 35% of a company’s total telecom spend.

Wireless Voice & Data Services

Both wireless voice and data services have been quickly changing over the years and now there are more options than ever before.


Traditionally, business voice services used to include only business lines, PRI service and T1 service. A few companies offered an integrated T1 for voice and data. Today, the number of voice options have expanded: Dynamic T1 voice/data products, VoIP services , SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) voice service, hosted VoIP services, dedicated LD services and disaster recovery voice services are just a few. In addition, if you have not reviewed your voice long distance contracts in the last 18 months, you are probably paying about 20 to 30% too much. We would welcome the opportunity to perform a complimentary assessment of your network to see if there are better values for you.


Data services have also come a long way. Frame relay and private line services used to be the primary services for a WAN (wide area data network) design, but in most cases the design of the future will be MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.

Frame Relay had limited speeds and could incur additional costs versus today’s MPLS networks. MPLS offers many additional benefits that businesses need. “Any to any connectivity” allows businesses to establish disaster recovery plans that would have been very costly using frame relay or private lines in the past. MPLS also offers COS (class of service) qualities that allow businesses to identify which types of traffic should have the highest priority to get through the network. This is very important as a business upgrades their phone systems to VoIP. MPLS also offers greater speed options and, generally, at 20% to 30% less than a traditional frame relay network. If you are considering a change to your network or just want to discuss what is right for you, contact us today and take advantage of our expertise.