It seems as if there are daily reminders in the media about why Network Security should be among the top initiatives your company manages. Along with our society’s obsession with devices and gadgets comes inherent risk. There is no question that access to apps, smartphones, and cloud solutions boost productivity and flexibility. Without a concrete plan of action to mitigate risk, your company is vulnerable to an employee losing a device with the company information on it, malware attacks or giving your IT team heart failure. All kidding aside, Network Security should not be taking lightly. According to Veracode, a world leader in application risk management platform, there will be an estimated 3.1 billion mobile broadband subscribers by 2015, so this concern is not going away anytime soon. Data loss or breaches and malware infections can be costly, if not debilitating to your company…not to mention a hit to your company’s reputation


● Mandate strong password protection
● Secure wireless network and service connectivity
● Control application access and permissions
● Maintain your OS and Firmware
● Backup your data regularly
● Beware of downloading free apps

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